Queensland Bridge & Civil
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Project Value: $3.0M

Project Duration: October 2009  – June 2010

Client: Brisbane City Council

Project Overview

The project involved a significant upgrade to the existing culvert structure to improve the roads immunity to flooding as well as providing a safe thoroughfare for pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders.  The works included; increasing the road height by approximately two meters, realignment of Rafting Ground Road and the redevelopment of the Willunga Street Intersection.

Project Characteristics

  • Environmental management has been integral to this project, with Moggill Creek being of significant environmental importance and widely regarded as one of the cleanest waterways in Brisbane.
  • Creek works involving approximately 700m3 of placed rock for stabilisation of the banks as well as providing fish habitat and passage upstream.
  • Installation of a fish ladder and fauna passage and rail within the culvert to assist the passage of local wildlife
  • Extensive community consultation and government liaison to monitor potential impacts within Moggill Creek. Practices onsite to ensure water quality is maintained include;
    • Construction of upstream temporary weir
    • Construction of Downstream sediment basins
    • Regular and stringent water testing
  • Maintaining Pedestrian, Bicycle and Horse Riding access throughout the length of the project; consultation with the local residents and schools to ensure the safe passage for members of the public through the construction zone.
  • Cultural Heritage monitoring; undertaken by the Jinibara people to observe all excavations within Moggill creek
  • Landscaping (over 13,000 plant and trees)
  • Public Utilities conflicts throughout the extents of the works and significant management and coordination of the relocation works.

Key Project Outcomes

The project undertook major critical works within Moggill Creek and was completed in May 2010.  Positive feedback has been received from both members of the public and Council representatives involved in the project.