Queensland Bridge & Civil
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Project Value: $1.04M

Project Duration: 9 weeks

Client: Lockyer Valley Regional Council

Project Overview

As a result of flood damage to the Lockyer Valley the local Council have engaged QBC to repair/rectify/stabilise several sections of batter on Flagstone Creek Road.

Project Characteristics

This is part of the Lockyer Valley Regional Council’s flood rectification works and this project includes;

  • Provision for Traffic;
  • General Earthworks;
  • Passive Rock Dowelling;
  • Supply, placement and securing rock catch steel netting;
  • Supply and installation of rock catch fencing;
  • Rock Gabions Works;
  • Minor Drainage Works;
  • Revegetation works;
  • Road furniture.

Key Project Outcomes

To stabilise the affected sections of batter and improve safety levels along Flagstone Creek Road for motorists and local residents.