Queensland Bridge & Civil
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Project Value: $0.8M

Project Duration: February 2011 - April 2011

Client: Brisbane City Council

Project Overview

The project involved the replacement of flood damaged asphalt and gravel pavement with new concrete pavement. The purpose is to prevent further damage to the road during flood events and thereby allow traffic flow to continue without interruption soon after floodwaters have receded.

The project was delivered one lane at a time while traffic is permitted to pass through using the other lane under traffic light control.

Project Characteristics

  • Major traffic management for the duration of the works; including the installation of portable concrete barriers and traffic lights to enable workers to complete one side of the concrete pavement in safety while the traffic was maintained on the other side.
  • Close collaboration with Brisbane City Council.
  • The new road now consists of 1330m2 (390m3) of reinforced concrete over an unbound pavement base course. The concrete was placed in sections with a detailed jointing systems being incorporated.
  • Difficulty of construction with limited access and a restrictive construction site.
  • The Project also involved the construction/installation of:
    • 466m3 of Excavation
    • 185m2 of Slope Protective Treatments (Stone pitching / Rock Mattress)
    • 500m2 of Turf

Key Project Outcomes

  • Even while working within Moggill Creek during the wet season, the project was still completed ahead of schedule.
  • The project presented a number of potential challenges with regards to pedestrian and vehicle management, these were managed successfully.
  • Our relationship style of contracting enabled us to identify significant design and construction concerns early and allowed all stakeholders to be consulted for “best for project” outcomes to be achieved.