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Project Value: $4.65M

Project Duration: 9 weeks

Client: Department of Transport and Main Roads

Project Overview

As a result of the major storm events throughout South East Queensland during and since January 2011, significant damage was incurred to the State's transport network. The Department of Transport and Main Roads has awarded the pavement improvements to Dalby Cooyar Road to QBC under the Transport Network Reconstruction Program (TNRP).

Project Characteristics

This project is over 2 sections along Dalby Cooyar Road totalling approximately 6.5km.

The project includes;

  • Provision for Traffic;
  • General Earthworks;
  • Unbound granular pavement overlays;
  • In-situ cement and lime stabilisation;
  • Asphalt works;
  • Bitumen primer seal and seal;
  • Culvert Works;
  • Road furniture.

Key Project Outcomes

Improved road pavement along effected sections of Dalby Cooyar Road which will increase pavement life, improve resistance to future flood damage and provide safe passage for motorists travelling between Dalby and Cooyar.