Queensland Bridge & Civil
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Project Value: $3.6m

Project Duration: 14 weeks

Client: Maranoa Regional Council

Project Overview

Shoulder widening, reseal and drainage works to upgrade the local road network and enable plant and equipment access to Origin energy sites and improve Council assets.

Project Characteristics

The project will involve the widening of a 5km section of existing road on Horse Creek Road and another 5km section on Yuleba - Taroom Road. Work operations include;

  • Widening and/or construction of culverts;
  • 46,000m3 cut to spoil;
  • 21,000m2 of subgrade treatment;
  • 30,000t of unbound pavement works;
  • 42,000m2 of Primerseal;
  • 78,000m2 of Final Seal;
  • Traffic Management;
  • Linemarking and Signage;
  • Miscellaneous Works.

Key Project Outcomes

This project, when complete, will provide for safer passage of vehicular traffic through this area by providing a wider formation for the movement of vital agricultural and gas field provisions.